Another ageist day

We seem to have to repeat our information campaigns time and time again, as the same ageism reappears. Now the govt is floating special...

A whole lot of networking going on

One of the few benefits of the response to the pandemic has been the number of senior networks being set up and the amount of virtual...

Been too long away

Sorry for such a delay in blogging, so much going on. The work we have been doing campaigning around age and fighting for older people's...

What a week

As the US goes into meltdown and our government has put its own PR in front of our health I have been sent into overdrive. Zoom after...

How to stay sane at home

I am so pleased we have a dog, she is nearly and a collie cross lab with lots of love, lots of energy and lots of fun. When you have a...

Totally confused

Watched Boris last night and was appalled at how confused and ill organised the government strategy is. Am hoping that today with more...


I am writing this before we hear what Boris has in store for us and after watching my local neighbourhood stop staying at home. As the...

Why we can't end the lock down yet

It is disturbing but unsurprising that in the UK the alt right, entitled and self righteous among us are trying to emulate Trump and the...

fighting for older people's rights

Hi I am writing this in my personal capacity and thus neither Wise Age, Positive Ageing in London, EngAgeNet nor Age Platform Europe (all...

News from the front room

Like many other seniors Iam learning how to use new ways of communicating with people from my front room. As some one who has been...



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