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Back again as things get worse

Have found it quite difficult to return to the regular beat of blogging, but here I am again in May. As an older activist it does seem at present that while resistance continues as it will given the human spirit thirsts for freedom and basic human rights, the forces of barbarity and brutality continue their ever growing need to repress so they can become even more grotesquely rich. The old sci fi writers, like Philip K Dick are being proven to be as the CIA and FBI feared prophets of what is to come.

So as the UK crumbles under the weight of the corruption and incompetence of our reactionary ruling class, people's wages and living standards get worse by the day and more people sink into poverty, what is their only solution? More repression, right to strike being eroded to the levels of Stazi Germany or Franco's Spain, peaceful demonstrators arrested before they even carry out any protects over the climate crisis which is advancing on us like a tsunami or dare to say that Charles - the tampon manque - is not their king .

Yet this time, while it seems like a nightmare epoch compared to the hope and progress after WW2 until the triumph of neo liberalism, may seem like a golden dawn of democracy if the rising tide of billionaire financed neo fascism masking their grotesque wealth is able to take control of and develop AI. In this case how will we in future be able to tell truth and scientific facts from fiction foully driven and with evil intent which can be individually tailored to each one of us to offer their alternative views of the world. Expect to see Starmer apparently seeking to rob you of your homes, livelihoods and children. Isaac Asamov had in his writings the notion that there would be a robot code in which they wwre programmed to do no harm to human, yet here and now what are drones, if not robot killers aimed to destroy human life. Now that the warnings are coming from Hawkins, Musk and former employees of google et al are adding AI and robots to climate change and nuclear war to existential threats to humanity will we wake up and resist as Hollywood films inspire us to or just passively accept our fate as Hollywood actually wants us to/

So these are my latest thoughts about life as it breathes through an infinitely microscopic time and place within the eternity of the universe. Enjoy life!

Hopefully my next musings will be more about the enjoyment and brilliance of life

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