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France or Uk, which has the best health service

When we left the UK for France in 2020 the NHS was still delicering a, free health service for all, coping wuth Covud as best it could. My post prostectomy cancer treatment was excellent and being teeated at UCLH was a privilege.

Now however I fear for the NHS and their staff ( including 2 of ny children ) as it seems the government want to run it into the ground , refusing cost of living pay rises, continuing to privatise and outsource health to the private sector and unable to replace those EU citizens who left post Brexit. Now it seems hard to get a face to face GP appointment, hospital waiting list over 4 million , ambulance delays for up to 12 hours and no response to the demands of staff. It all looks like its falling apart.

Here in France there are also pretty big problems and threats of strikes, but out in the countryside here my experience is: see GP if urgent 1 day for face to face meeting, to be seen in A & E wait 1 hour, to be seen by consultant wait a month. I am happy that we are here now

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