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why we must support the right to strike

here is a piece from me sent o Guardian comment , followed by an excellent reveal email about the crooked Grant Shapps. Enjoy

The countries which ha.d similar anti strike laws include Franco's fascist Spain and East Germany's STASI regime. This is the company that the current government keeps. Trade Unions and strikes are the only reason that workers wages increase at the cost of the super profits being made by the global companies and privatised rip offs as well as the remaining public services. When workers are able to force greedy profiteering shareholders and directors it means that not only do people have a reasonable standard of living it means that they have money to spend which boosts the economy and growth, like it was 1945 - 1980. With no ability to represent workers or negotiate from strength there has been a successful brutal triumph of the super rich so that only they have benefitted over the last 20 years. What happens to all this wealth that flooded up not trickled down has been grotesque inequality, poverty, food bank and now heat banks while the 0.1 % just speculate and create bubbles like the housing, share and wealth bubbles. we have to support Trade unions and strikes or we will sink further into the dystopia in which we now suffer.

This is from another contributor on Guardian comment

Precisely what right does Grant Shapps have to lecture any honest worker on how they should comport themselves in any respect? The man made his fortune by selling a $500 "business toolkit" which promised to teach people how to make $20,000 in two weeks. The "toolkit" consisted of an e-book telling people to make their own "toolkit" and sell it to gullible rubes online. His businesses have been blacklisted by Google over and over again because of his habit of using data-scraping programs to plagiarise software. He's gone by at least four different names (Michael Green, Corinne Stockheath and Sebastian Fox being three known examples). If Grant Shapps has ever done an honest day's work in his life then there is no public record of it.

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