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What is the Transition in France and what can you do about it

My wife went to a meeting in our local small town and heard an excellent presentation about what they are calling the Transition - the name for what is going to need to happen as we transition from our lives which created the climate crisis to the lives we will need to live in order to both mitigate the impact of global warming and the extinction of much of life and help us to collectively and individually change our way of living. The premise is that this can only be done by involving people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and beliefs in the process of education and change.

This seems to be both sensible and realistic if we are to keep our selves and environment safe. Here we face rising heat waves, increased dryness and loss of water as well as increasingly violent storms and floods. It means looking at different ways to conserve water, changing the plants we sow and eat, the balance in agriculture as well as increasing our use of insulation and renewable energy while changing away from our dependance on oil and petrol.

What offered some optimism is the examples offered as how communities, towns, cities can affect change through the active participation of people in their own communities as well as campaigning to change the biggest sources of pollution and global heating.

We seniors have the time, resources and hopefully the awareness and wisdom t play an active role in this. More later

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