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What is the point of Labour if they can't offer us an inspiring alternative

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Wrote this in response to Zoe William's excellent piece about Labour dropping promises including free childcare

What is the point of Labour if it does not address the needs of those who work hard, pay their taxes and see their impoverishment increase or provide a decent safety net for those in need. Not everything requires the govt spending money, much can be achieved by giving renters proper secure contracts and imposing a fair rent ceiling, by reducing greed inflation through legislation backed by the threats if windfall taxes. Where money is required then tax the wealthiest and their wealth and impose and enforce fair taxation on global companies, tax havens, internet giants and billionaires hiding their money.

What is the point of Keir Starmer if he drops every redistributive policy he came in with and refuses to socialise public services and out reach companies run by greedy and useless privatised companies. A green new deal will actually lead to sustainable growth and affordable child care is both a moral and economic necessity.

What is the point of Wes Streeting a labour shadow minister of health who does not understand the parasitic role of private health provision.

To win you have to inspire and to change the politics with PR and work with others to beat these current criminal reactionaries.

Instead we get fearful timid Labour offering just one thing We are not the Tories, but they might as well be

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