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Why I left the UK after Brexit and am happy I did so

I wrote this in the Guardian comment is free and it seemed to find a sympathetic audience

I left the uk in 2020 after Johnson's Brexit victory and the Covid massacre of the old, frail and poor to live in France and I watch in horror as the uk has descended into a racist police state run by corrupt incompetents. Run by a 2000 year aristocratic reich now managed by billionaires and their media my country is living proof that privatisation fails everyone but the new corporate owners, that neo liberalism means everything has been sold off to offshore tax avoiders and that London is now the centre of the worlds criminals money laundering operations.

Every day it seems you sink deeper into a pit of decay and brutal cynicism with the oligarch and hedge fund financed Tory party looting what is left of the economy. When I look at the opposition Labour has returned to a Blairite blowhard refusing any radical inspiring policies or entertaining a necessary progressive alliance within and without its tired old careerist centre and refusing to commit to proportional representation. The consequence will be a marginal victory at best and the subsequent disillusionment with left wing politics next time round

I dispair for my children's future back in the UK and wonder what it will take to rouse the people into the resistance which gives the French such a better standard of living and way of life

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