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Re. If this tawdry affair ends with a red card for the Commons ref Sir Lindsay Hoyle, it will not reflect well on our MPs

We know in front of our eyes what is happening. Mass murder, death of babies and children now over 10, 000, no clean water, starvation, no medicines, no treatment, no hospitals, women surrounded by death, a city totally destroyed by rage and revenge.

So where is our humanity, where the call to end arms exports, for a ceasefire, for aid to reach those slowwly dying? The majority of people want this to end and Palestinians to have the same human rights as Israelis but all we get is mealy mouthed Patliamentary dity tricks with the hard racist right denying the reality of an ongoing war crime and ethnic cleansing. If this is to end then terrorists on both sides need to be faced down and common humanity, justice and a free Palestine and Israel prevail.

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