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Re The ‘mob rule’ Rishi Sunak fears most lies in the ranks of his own party

If this was any other country the Guardian would be reporting that England was now becoming a police state, with surveillance, repression of trade unions right to strike, of dissent and protest now criminal offences. The UN has raise alarms but to no avail. We have the same levels of control and repression as did East Germany and Franco's Spain.

The hard right funded by billionaires is now running the country and reasonable and justified opposition is being made criminal, while the true criminals, ( climate crisis polluters, tax avoiders and money launderers part of the established order and fully protected by a police state ( that even senior police are worried about).

We are like frogs in slowly boiling water as we watch all human rights being removed. The right to make noise, to disturb the quiet and orderly life of the establishment is part of democracy. When even the Guardian buys into the myth that mass movements, dissent and disobedience are a threat to democracy then we are on the path to fascism

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