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Re The Commons needed to focus on the horror in Gaza. Instead this was a grubby game of political chess

This is the first time The Guardian has allowed any comments on the Gaza horror. So this is an opportunity to restate the clear truths in front of our eyes. The Hamas attack was an inhumane attack on innocent civilians by a fundamentalist terrorist organisation bent on removing Jewish control over Israel and its occupied territories.

However the revenge response is now a murderous attack killing tens of thousands , mainly babies, children and women led by fundamentalist fascists bent on killing so many Palestinians that they are ethnically cleansed, removing Palestinians from 'Greater Israel'.

The 2 state solution is opposed both by Netanyahu and Hamas. There are torture camps set up as IDF soldiers share their killing videos while water, food and medicines are removed as collective deathly punishment on 2 million people

If we truly believe in human rights for all this applies to Jews and Palestinians alike. We must unite around a full ceasefire, end our arms shipments and abide by ICJ decisions. In the meantime support the peaceful BDS movement against this new apartheid and war crimes.

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