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Dangerous times

My family are now waiting on 2 elections. One in France, one in UK. Both are worrying.

In France the fascists are on the rise, Macron seems to have had a small boy tantrum risking the future of French democracy, the left appears to be getting its act together with a Popular Front, while Les Republicains seem to have descended into civil war. Their leader wanting to suicidely side with Le Pen while the rest want him removed, reminding him that the party of De Gaule was anti nazi during the war.

We can only hope that the left wins or at least Le Pen does not.

In the UK where I can vote it seems all over for the Tories, but maybe opening the way for a Reform / Tory unification with the nationalist Farage taking over. Labour have become the party of continuity, fearful of the media, the establishment and big business. First Past the Post means Greens, Plaid will have far fewer MPs than their vote share and the Lib Dems will maybe take a lot of Tory seats. So both change and no change

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