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Guardian Comments-5 How to Stop the Gaza Massacres

Re. Britain can play a role in bringing peace to Gaza, but first leaders have to get serious

Yesterday I attended a webinar on Gaza given by Oxfam which was educational, informative, moving and by the end inspirational. What a shame the same could not be said for the Parlismentary debate.

We have to demand a ceasefire now to stop the mass killing of babies, children, women and unarmed men. We are currently supplying the arms and spare parts including for aircraft which if we stopped now would reduce Israel's capacity for further indiscriminate bombing.

We need to send aid and demand it is allowed through to end the starvation, the thirst and the mass suffering of those wounded and ill who have no access to medicines or hospital treatment.

But in the longer term we also need to use what little influence we have to push for a Palestinian state and accept the rulings of the ICJ in order to get a peaceful long term solution giving human rights to all Palestinians and Jews alike. Meanwhile please give aid to those trying to help alleviate the suffering and support the peaceful BDS movement

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