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held together by sticky tape

thank goodness for modern science and the UK and French health services. I am now going to have a hernia operation at my local hospital in France using key hole surgery and telescopie where they ( hopefully) insert then unfurl the mesh which replaces the weakened muscles, which needs a general anaesthetic but you are in and out in a day ( as long as everything ok). This now goes along with my prostectomy carried out by the UCLH centre of excellence 10 years back using the Da vinci wonder machine followed by radio therapy which so far so good has left me still in remission.

What a great time to be getting old and needing the sticky tape of modern scientific advances, specs, minute hearing aid, breathing machine to combat sleep apnia, inhalers against asthma, knee guards and thumb protection against arthritis and kine therapy to ward of sciatica.

God I sound like a walking disaster area but at least I can see, hear, breath , walk, think and speak, all of which would have been less possible even 5o years ago let alone 100.

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