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What hell is this?

The news from Gaza is one of unremitting horror. over 36000 dead, mainly children and women. Starvation and thirst for 2 million as a...

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Re The Commons needed to focus on the horror in Gaza. Instead this was a grubby game of political chess 22 Feb 2024 13:00 This is the...

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Re. If this tawdry affair ends with a red card for the Commons ref Sir Lindsay Hoyle, it will not reflect well on our MPs 25 Feb 2024...

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Re The ‘mob rule’ Rishi Sunak fears most lies in the ranks of his own party 2 Mar 2024 20:41 If this was any other country the Guardian...

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re Print your own tickets, treat your own illnesses – welcome to DIY Britain 18 Mar 2024 14:42 Until we end neo-liberalism and return to...

My lovely cat was kidnapped

Here is a post which proved popular on Guardian comment is free. about why kidnapping a cat is a crime We had a wonderful ginger tom...

Happy New Year?

While i wish all my family and friends are happy new year it does not look like it is going to be any happier for may people on the...

Life is cold in the South of France

After climate change driven comparatively hot November and even December , Winter has now truly arrived in the Cevennes. It has been sub...

Unhealthy and unequal Britain

Here is something I submitted to the Guardian Comment section and got 140 likes. Please share if you agree In a country supposedly the...

Thank you to the French health service

Yesterday I saw my local doctor, who had set up a follow up appointment 2 weeks after our last one just to check up on my progress, as I...

Why older people are unemployed

The IFS research trying to suggest older people are retiring earlier while those in work are continuing because they enjoy the work...

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