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Staying alive part 2023

Seems like Winter here in the french Cevennes is again a hard time for the older. This time its a combination of sciatica and arthritis giving pain and difficulties in walking, on top of sleep apnea and ongoing post prostectomy medication. Plus my wife falling off her bike and hurting her head followed by a hot water bottle bursting and scalding her leg has made for pain and difficulties in walking, while the weather is damp, cold and miserable.

The only bright spot is we have the French gealth service, so can see a GP within 24 hours, get an ambulance in an hour and have to wait max 1 hour in A& E.

Its so sad listening to older friends experiences with the UK NHSand watching as the Tories run it and its poor overworked staff into the ground. We must campaign to reverse tge cutscabd give the staff what they need to live on and stay workung to help the rest of us.

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