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What a bunch of crooks

The UK govt is in meltdown, driven by greed, entitlement, brutality, corruption and incompetence. Javad, Sunak, Johnson, tax evasion, hiring BBC chair and appointing Lords as a repayment for gifts / loans to Johnson. Dodgy non dom status, expenses claims, cash for access the list goes on. Welcome to our kleptocracy😜

But what is weven worse is they are overseeing the country and its public services going into meltdown. Policing with 5% convictions for crimes while making a police state against protests, denos, strikes. Social housing, state education, social care, NHS all collapsing. Rivers and beaches polluted with sewerage and effluent. Water, energy, rail all privatised , all screwed. No taxes for the %, just us poor taxpayers, whose benefits and wages lower than inflation, whilevrecession looms. How can this carry on? Enough is enough. It is the poorer old and the young suffering the most.

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