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what seniors want

In the face of all the confusion of the government's instructions regarding national and local health requirements relating to COVID 19...

Great news- letter

We were able to get out our PAIL newsletter today - in time for the October 1st international celebration of older people and the 10th...

La Lucha Continua

Well we tried but so far London's Recovery does not seem to be including older Londoners. Following the meeting today of the London...

have you changed your approach to risk?

I think that like many others I have relaxed the levels of risk I am prepared to face from the paranoia of the first few months. Up to...

how risky do you feel it is out there?

Interesting article about risk and how we feel about it yesterday. On the one hand we are trying to find facts and figures about just...

what are the next steps for we seniors

Well after a hard couple of weeks we now have to ait and see whether our research and campaigns to get seniors included in the recovery...

Another hot issue on another hot day

Hi, to continue on the hot topic of ageing in the time of corona virus, while outside and inside is sweltering, it makes ongoing...

Another ageist day

We seem to have to repeat our information campaigns time and time again, as the same ageism reappears. Now the govt is floating special...

A whole lot of networking going on

One of the few benefits of the response to the pandemic has been the number of senior networks being set up and the amount of virtual...

Been too long away

Sorry for such a delay in blogging, so much going on. The work we have been doing campaigning around age and fighting for older people's...

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