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temperature going down but cases rising

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Global warming is showing us just how tough its going to be unless we listen tho the science and start really planning and acting to avert the global crisis . It needs the same level of response we are starting to give COVID , though hopefully better prepared and organised.

The impact of the Covid 19 recession is beginning to become apparent, with economic and financial figures coming our indicating that much like COVID the UK is in the worst state in Europe with an over 20% decline. As usual even though we are being warned in advance crises never seem to impact on the general public until it affects them personally.

The coming months do not look good, with the end of furloughing and the support for the self employed and businesses rapidly approaching, many people will be facing long term unemployment and increased financial hardship. As unemployment is on track to reach 2 million plus and even more 'economically inactive' - ie out of work but not receiving unemployment benefits so off the books but not off the hook.

At Wise Age we are trying to prepare to help the many more older working age ( 50+) who will suffer as a consequence. We are in the process of updating and improving our website and hope to be able to re-launch soon so that we can provide online information , support, tips and links to help we seniors back to work. to do this properly we will need more financial help and contracts. We are busy trying to apply for these - but one of the consequences of the COVID pandemic is the number of charities and voluntary organisations in difficulties, not least of which being the obstacles to older people being able to return to volunteering, so there is much competition out there for limited funds. At least bodies like the London Funders are trying their best to raise as much money as possible, but as demand rises, funds are reducing.

The biggest worry for older people now is that besides facing redundancy and increased competition from younger job seekers we are yet again becoming the but for tight wing and ignorant generational blame. The Resolution Foundation - a right wing think tank supported by many in the government keeps up its blame game against older people taking jobs and houses and wealth from the young, when it is clear that this is far more of a class and wealth division regardless of age.

More importantly when even Channel 4 starts repeating the old canard that older people are blocking jobs for the young we know we are in for a fight against fake news and to get across the fundamental facts that retaining and retraining older workers leads in the longer term to increased job prospects for younger people - and that what is needed is increased generational solidarity between young and old , both of whom are in the forefront of job losses and increasing poverty.

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