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Another hot issue on another hot day

Hi, to continue on the hot topic of ageing in the time of corona virus, while outside and inside is sweltering, it makes ongoing enforced isolation inside the house and even on the street even more discomforting .

There seems to be little joined up thinking around how to ease us all back into economic and social life while keeping us all safe. If we don't get this right then many more will die or suffer a long and agonising illness - either from Covid 19 or from other health conditions - like cancer, heart disease and other life threatening illnesses that are being untreated as a result of the hospital and clinical lock downs. At that point not only will this have personal physical and mental health implications but regardless of how Malthusian or eugenicist our government, its advisors and right wing commentators may be , there will not be a full re-opening of work, the economy, employment, business, trade and life. People will not go to work and go out shopping and enjoying commercial life if their lives and those of their loved ones are at risk.

The government's repeated failures, broken promises and sheer fake optimistic news statements means that they have lost mass public belief and support.

So we have to go back to basics - listen and trust the actual scientists, clinicians, medical and health experts and what they are saying - from the SAGE and Alternative SAGE groups, and even the WHO and PH England . The message is clear - we must have enforced mask wearing inside buildings and public spaces , we must maintain social distancing and we must regularly wash our hands or there will be a second wave - and it is threatening us now.

There needs to be sympathetic awareness of the ongoing support those being shielded need, that employers must be forced to provide full adequate COVID safe work and business environments and the government must not just insit and enforce but this time lead by example. How can we hope to overcome this pandemic if they are going to open schools with proper social distancing and without masks and mass testing and tracing. We have to return to proper enforcement of open air provision or safely spaced surroundings in pubs and restaurants, if we are to if not stop at least restrict this virus. Sacking Cummings and all ministers and politicians and leaders who flout these rules is imperative if the government is to re-establish public trust that the same rules apply to everyone.

If we can do this then we can have a more gradual but workable return to getting back to work and the economy is able to fully function again and include all its members - regardless of age or ethnicity or gender

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