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Been too long away

Sorry for such a delay in blogging, so much going on.

The work we have been doing campaigning around age and fighting for older people's views to be heard and rights protected is beginning to pay off.

One of PAiL's executives led a brilliant campaign to raise the concerns and importance of older Londoners in relation to the policies and principles being developed through the London Recovery Board. This has had a very positive reception with supportive replies coming from politicians, councillors and others - with both co- chairs writing back. Since then there has also been some media attention with London papers covering our ideas and worries. At their last meeting of their Board there was clear reference to the needs of older people and listening to their voices being raised and reference made to engaging with PAIL as part of this.

This is crucial because at first reading the key priorities and issues raised in their introductory document initially made practically no reference to older Londoners at all. This is all par for the course with the GLA as their key strategy documents that were written and presented last year again made little reference to London's seniors, their concerns, or indeed the major contribution which we make.

The GLA strategy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion started to address this , but as ever age seems to be either the forgotten equality group or at best taking the back seat.

Hopefully the COVID crisi and the impact it made on older Londoners has woken up politicians, decision makers and the media to both the numbers of over 50s and pensioners in the city and country, their health and at the same time the key role so many of us play as front line workers, as carers and as citizens.

Please go and look at PAIL's new website where you will find a lot of links and articles round these subjects including our policies and Principles and recommendations for both an age Friendly London Recovery and indeed an Age Friendly London

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