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Why Polly Toynbee is wrong

This is reply to Polly's article trying to defend Labour as being left wing in Scotland as a bye elections looms

Oh dear, what it must be like for the tired old New Labour hacks like Polly trotting out the ever changing Labour machine's mantras.

She does it well but the reality is that Labour has reduced its offers to the minimal and with the Starmer / Mandelson clique in power those defenders she quotes like Raynor and Milliband can be removed at his will.

Of course Labour is attacked from the left as they have tacked so far to the right. SNP, Plaid, Greens even Lib Dems are more progressive. What this article shows is that just like Mandelson's mistaken belief back in the 90s that the working class had no where else to go, so do the progressives now

We are in desperate straights in these British isles and need a genuine programme of reform. A real Green New Deal, a renters charter and rent cap, an NHS that is not outsourced and privatised but invested in with nurses and doctors paid properly , public services returned to the public, a wealth tax, windfall taxes and the removal of police state laws.

We need change and inspiration. The only way that will cone is by Labour requiring the support of the progressive parties and being pushed into genuine reform and a commitment to PR.

That is why I hope the SNP triumphs in this bye election

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