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What a state the UK is in

This was a response to a piece in the Guardian about the current state of Sunak's non government, which has proved quite popular.

We are in a death spiral as a country with our children facing poverty and Victorian hardship, those who rent rendered destitute, those who work taxed, while those that have wealth, mostly unearned, live scot free. Our water is polluted, as is our air, our health service collapsing and privatised public services serving no one but the greedy owners. The public discourse and spirit is bilious and brutal. Our economy and society is in a whirlpool of decline.

We wait for an election, we are repressed by police state laws and the power of the reactionary media. So we hope for a change, a chance to return to a land of hope but we get an opposition too frightened to offer any change, any chance of salvation, while the 1000 year aristocratic reich squeezes all life, love and laughter out of us.

We need if not a revolution at least some resistance

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