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We have to fight against the lies and justifications of big polluting business and their apologists

This was written before the mass heatwaves hitting Europe.

We are now facing an existential crisis, with climate science pointing to the world reaching tipping points much sooner than previously predicted which will make life on earth at best precarious, in the heating of seas, the poles and the equator, the rising sea levels resulting in mass flooding, the increase in storms and droughts and fires and the destruction of the majority of species.

In the face of this we need transition policies now, an end to petrol, oil and gas and reforestation and rewilding

In the face of this global crisis the global companies and billionaires who have made fortunes from this destruction fight every inch, using their control of the media, their lobbying and bribery of govts national and international to pollute and ravage the planet. The right wing and many govt are pawns in this game.

In 20 years the young will rightly point out the evil and stupidity of these greedy deniers and hail the activists being jailed and killed as hero's.

But unless we act now it will be too late and it will have happened on our generation's watch

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