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Spanish women footballers win world cup and provoke a counter revolution which will fail

Instead of celebrating the victory of the Spanish women's football team the arrogant sexist entitled boss of the Spanish FA had to ruin it with an act of sexual aggression. Instead of apologising he then went on to accuse the women he forced a kiss on of lying and threatened to sue along with all her comrades in the team who have said they will not play until he is out.

But when women and people rally round and support their sisters this time it looks like they will win while the old order is slightly shaken

But what it shows is that as soon as the old order is threatened the counter revolution in all its ire, lies and entitled aggression tries to put the genie back in the bottle. Hopefully this genie will fly but wherever progress and equality and common decency raised its heads the counter revolutionary gamons are screaming threats and abuse. Enough

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