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spain - a warning and maybe some hope

This was written just before the election. Thankfully the Franco fanatics have been defeated - for now, but we must remain ever vigilant, and not just in the US, Europe but also in the UK where these ideologues managed to enter and take over large parts of the Tory Party.

I went to Spain under Franco and saw what fascism does to society, workers rights, and the rule of law. It's malign impact was shown in the violence, intimidation and abuse in everyday life. Afterwards Spain has become modern, prosperous, more equalitarian, with a relaxed lifestyle and offers hope to its poorest and youngest citizens.

If the conservatives enable Vox to gain power it will be a victory not just for fascism but for the billionaire driven reactionaries who will use nationalism, authoritarianism and racism as a cover to extract even more wealth from the people and the public services and elect a government to deny dissent and opposition. It truly is a choice of Socialism or barbarism

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