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some commentsto show not all babyboomers are reactionary

here are a few of my comments in the Guardian comments section that proved to be quite popular as well as being heartfelt. This one in response to a Guardian articles defending Starmer's ongoing renunciation of anything vaguely radical

The problem with this justification for Labour reversing all its policies is that it means their only USP is We are not the Tories and are best placed to win. This approach means that correctly no one knows what Starmer stands for, which inspires no one. If they really want to win at all costs they have to commit to at least a referendum on PR as well as a dei facto agreement by all the 'left ' parties to focus on the seats where they are most likely to win. At present they reject both these approaches. This will reduce their chances of of winning an overall majority, because if the Lib Dems don't take a few dozen Tory seats it will impact on Labour's majority. The Greens have been clear, after the last 2 elections where they were shafted by Labour despite working towards a progressive alliance, and having their offer rejected this time round, there will be no stepping down for Labour when they know they could win 4 seats with an alliance,so that's a million votes lost.

This Mandelsonian fear of the media which has resulted in a Starmer repeat of paying homage at the feet of the evil Machiavellian Murdoch will not stop the billionaire reactionary media going for Labour. It just means that Labour will promise to not rock the billionaire boat, hence no increased taxes for the top 5% and no wealth tax on the super rich.

There will be far fewer people out on the doorstep for Labour, they will lose the student vote and little reason for those on strike, public sector earners, the poor or renters to be bothered to vote.

There are ways a radical manifesto could be enacted with little money or just investment and infrastructure borrowing, windfall taxes, enforced privatised failed rip off companies forced into administration, legal protection for renters with rent controls, just for starters

These policies are popular and would give a positive reason to vote Labour. Better than vote for us, we are nicer more competent Tories.

I do hope Labour get in but as a minority govt reliant on other more progressive parties to support them. This fearful lack of policies or purpose will help ensure this happens

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