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life in the cevennes August 2023

Well after over 3 years am going to try to write a regular record of life in this amazing bubble.

We have just come out of a mini heat dome , when the temperature rose from the already highs of 32- 36 degrees in August to a level of 39- 40 which thankfully lasted only 3 days, but meant that everyone just stayed in - from midday to 5, as it was 'penible'.

When the rain came it just started as a dribble and then we had a whole wonderful night of rain, wind and cool, down to 18 degrees. For round here the thunder was pretty low key and we could hardly see any lightening but nature came alive again and we all poked our heads out to breathe in the lovely fresh air and smell the trees, grass, flowers and bushes spring back to life.

our first visitors in a few days popped round with one conversation starter... how great it was that the heat had gone

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