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here are some well liked Guardian comments from me 1

I have been regularly writing in Comments Section of the Guardian ( when they allow comments!) and these are some recent posts from the most recent backwards, which have proved to be popular which if you like them feel free to send on

Re Why won't the UK protect those who rent a home

In most of western Europe there are rental contracts which protect tenants. There are minimum time limits so you can't be evicted if you pay your rent. There are maximum rentals in particular areas and rents cannot be increased outside of inflation within fixed terms.

Here buy to let landlords got more tax advantages than actual home owners while standards are poor and hardly ever addressed.

The Tories who are made up of landlords refuse these basic rights while Labour are still too timid and Mandelson influenced to give tenants full rights and set rent caps.

This is where morality and looking after your base at no financial cost to the government could make a real difference to millions of people.

Over to you Labour, but I'm holding my breath

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