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Happy New Year?

While i wish all my family and friends are happy new year it does not look like it is going to be any happier for may people on the planet

As a baby boomer I am often aware of the difference between our optimism back in the 60s and 70s and the dark pessimism that surrounds us now.

Watching a genocide take place in Gaza on a daily basis where children, women and unarmed men are now subject to shooting and bombing from the IDF, attacked in their homes by settlers in the West bank and being openly demonised by the racist apartheid government of neo fascists in Israel is heartbreaking. When talking with a wonderful couple of friends- a Jewish peace activist and his Palestinian activist wife- I wondered whether the pathetically little that we are able to do, join the BDS and Resisters support organisation, go on local and regional marches, write in petitions can make any difference I was encouraged to carry on as she told me that every little helps, as so many Palestinians have been worn down by the belief that no one cares while they are the victims of mass murder, ethnic cleansing and a clear Israeli strategy of Nakba - the enforced removal of Palestinians from their land. This crime against humanity is made worse by the support and armaments from the UK and overwhelmingly the USA, who are now widening the war to Yemen and the Middle East.

It is so sad that after suffering from Nazi genocide and a terrorist attack from Hamas the Israeli right are now carrying out an enraged and brutal revenge on the whole population of Palestinians, using language that inflames genocide, racism and apartheid. When will they wake up and realise that until they recognise the human rights of Palestinians and agree to either a 2 sate solution or a democratic secular state offering equal protection to Jews and Palestinians alike there can be no peace. Why do humans seem to keep making the same mistakes time and again

Ukraine is having greater difficulties protecting itself from bombings and attacks from Russia as the US and Europe begin to falter.

Dafur is suffering from mass murder of men and mass rape of women while no one seems to care or defend the innocent.

The cliamte cris gets worse by the day and environmentalists are called terrorists and imprisoned while oil, gas and other destructive global corporations make even more billions

What is the world coming to?

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