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Every day another compromise, what is the point of Labour

What is the point of Labour now? It seems that under Starmer / Mandelson it is the alternative establishment party. Maybe a bit gentler in their words, a bit less openly corrupt and not quite as incompetent, and an opening for the anti Tory vote, which is enormous. But not a threat to the billionaire media, to the very wealthy or the establishment, with no extra taxation, no wealth tax to fund redistribution or renovation of public services. Because of first past the post there is no where else to go unless you are lucky enough to be able to vote meaningfully for SNP, Plaid or Green or even now the Lib Dems. But to what end? They have not learnt that banks, financial capital, hedge funds and speculators need regulation or they will go rogue again, that without windfall taxes and income tax rises on multi million bonuses there is no money to help the majority of tax paying workers escape hardship and poverty. They have not even learnt from Keynes and 2008 that giving money to most of us leads to sustainable growth while letting the richest mop up all the cash leads to bubbles and recession. As England slowly falls apart under the weight of rentier global capitalism the Tories fiddle and now Labour has joined the band

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