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As the world burns and boils the bullshit grows louder

Written just as the heat catastrophe hits hard.

The climate catastrophe is here and now. The science is clear, the actions needed understood, so where's the beef. Wrapped up in the polluters lobbying, the billionaires driving us over a cliff, having been given carte blanche to take over the global economy, they now own and run most media and the next step is domination of the national and supranational governments, all geared to maximise their wealth and power, remove trade unions, opposition and dissent, encourage neo fascism, and have police state laws and enforcement, with the UK and other hard right countries the model. To save the planet and life on earth we need to save democracy, transform the current economic political and social environment which means taking back control from the 15 thousand oligarchs that our neo liberal govts gave the keys to the world under neo liberalism. Socialism or barbarism and at present the brutal barbarians are winning hands down

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