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All ages need clean water not privatised sewerage

The current situation for all water consumers, especially those both old and young who are near the poverty line is intolerable, rivers full of sewerage and pollution , beaches clogged up with poisonous sewerage, water leaks everywhere, prices through the roof and the only thing that works is the billions given in dividends ( paid for from debt, overcharging and lack of infrastructure. Now it looks like Thames Water will be bailed out through administration. Here is what I wrote in the Guardian which got a very positive response

May I make a simple suggestion to the govt and opposition re Thames Water and the rest of the greedy incompetent privatised water companies.

1) put it into administration now and start fraud proceeding.

2) Demand a return of all of the fraudulently obtained dividends worth billions ( ie every penny)

3) prosecute the directors and major shareholders especially those hedge funds who deliberately ran off with our money paid by debts

4) Put it under public control though an independent socialised not for profit model with board members who understand the industry and ' for the public good ' and representatives of consumers, tax payers and staff.

5) never ever again return it to the private sector

6) start the infrastructure rebuilding now to get rid of the sewage and pollution in our rivers and on our beaches. Paid for by forced repayments from the crooks who took our money and ran, do the same now to all the other water companies before they do a runner and if that doesn't cover it a windfall tax on the oil, energy companies and banks

7) give compensation payments to consumers suffering including a cap on charges now, give subsidies to the poorest who risk being cut off

8) apologise

9) resign

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