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What hell is this?

The news from Gaza is one of unremitting horror. over 36000 dead, mainly children and women. Starvation and thirst for 2 million as a weapon of war. Hospitals and schools targeted, no medicines or pain relief for the many more wounded. Thousands burried under the rubble. The IDF commits murder every day and post jokes and boasts about their war crimes. The fascists who run the country just want blood and to ethnic cleanse the Palestinians from their historic land.

The attack by HAMAS has been revenged 30 fold but there is no let up. Israel is now a terrorist state led by a war criminal whose aim is to make sure there is no peace,are no elections just so he can escape justice and prison.

In the face of this the USA, UK , France and Germany continue to arm Israel and refuse to accept the evidence in front of their eyes every day and say war crimes are being committed, ethic cleansing is a reality and genocide the result, because if they admitted these things they would have to stop sending arms the next day.

This is on Israel, the majority who vote for the war crimes to continue and the IDF who carry out these crimes plus the settlers killing and driving out Palestinians from their lands in the West Bank. It is not on all Jews, many of whom are in the resistance to this evil, and to call support for human rights in Palestine anti-semitic is a self h justifying lie. Human rights have to be protected in the face of invasion where ever they happen including in, Israel and also Ukraine and Sudan.

As someone who grew up thinking Israel was one of the good guys and that with anti colonialism and anti imperialism and anti racism triumphing that the world was becoming more humane and progressive I am in deep despair over what is now happening.

We seem to have forgotten the legacy of the second world war when fascism had to be destroyed for a better world so that now the ugly face of hate, greed, criminal corruption as embedded in fascistic ideology and practice is not just on the rise but gaining power. That this can happen so soon in comparative terms is truly horrifying..

But we can and have to continue to fight for justice, humanity, the environment and a world based on equality and human rights for all.

We need to do whatever we can and support one another in this , be it supporting the BDS, global aid, demonstrating, giving money and helping the resistance if our children and grandchildren are to grow up in peace and security in a world full of diversity and sustainability

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