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some popular comments I made on Guardian comment is free

I regularly like many of us put up comments on current affairs on social media sites, including the Guardian . Here are a few recent ones that went down well.

re the article It’s baby boomers, not young people, who are more likely to be addicted to drugs

13 Jan 2022 12:37

So we baby boomers are all addicted, it goes with the right wing depiction of the 60s and 70s as permissive hell rather than a period of progress, democracy, self help, starting the campaigns for feminism and anti racism and the most equal split of income for working people.

There are serious health issues from addiction to booze (saloon bar aficionados) and hard drugs. But cannabis, give us a break. ( 96 likes)

re the article Starmer has scotched Labour’s negatives, now bring on the positives

23 Dec 2021 16:17 The problem with Starmer's Labour and Polly Toynbee's Vision is its lack of one and the rejection of the truly modern, radical priorities that were developed under McDonnell's direction . In their absence there is no root and branch reforms to inspire most people,not just the poor. A renter's charter, rent caps, raised minimum wages, socialising the rail, energy and utilities sectors whose privatisation has only benefitted the new owners. All these and more were popular with the public as well as making economic sense but rejected when known to be Labour. So what about both sides of Starmer's promises, I am not Jeremy Corbyn but I will carry on fighting for our key promises. That may work, certainly better than abstaining or voting with the govt on too many issues as has been the case.

But with FPTP to win Labour has to embrace PR and build a progressive electoral alliance.

392 likes and Guardian Recommend

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