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Some more thoughts on health care in France and the UK

Just been treated for a hernia which was complicated by the need to drill a hole through the bladder as radio therapy had fused the intestines to the bladder. Surgeon quite brutal, remained in hospital for 4 days, now 3 weeks later had needle in groin without anaesthetic to remove liquid around bruising and swelling plus 14 days of anti biotics means I cannot do any exercise or go out in sun! my medical assurance like all insurance companies now refusing to pay for most of the non medical card covered treatment , so maybe ending up paying myself around 800 euros out of 1100 euros. One great thing about UK NHS its all free plus great hospitals if your lucky enough to be treated at UCLH London. Mind you I got the appointment to see the butcher surgeon in less than a week and operation one week later.

The fight for decent free health care is one that is universal especially now in UK and France,.2 hedge fund vultures rewarding themselves and their cronies while refusing decent wage increases, cutting back on free health care and centralising services. We keep trying to tell people here that if they don't succeed in their fight we could end up in the same ' merde' as the UK.

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