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Let's make 2023 a truly age friendly one

Last year was horrible for the +50% of pensioners who live below or near to the poverty level. Rising inflation- food, and energy particularly-rising costs of rent or mortgages, reduced universal credit, no decent wage rises especially in the public sector have made life worse and come April more so.

Real time cuts to NHS, local govt, and the ongoing failure of privatisation all heap misery on the poorest in society including the young and old

In London all of our work to persuade the Mayor, the GLA and the London Recovery Board are still unable to get after 4 years a real age frienly London action plan or genuine partnership with older people, while Manchester, Leeds and Wales lead the way.

Enough is enough so lets push for a real age friendly plan, no cut backs on free TFL travel for 60+, invite older people into local govt decision making and support the unions' demand for inflation natching wage rises, as starters.

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