• chris walsh

is this the end of times

After a long epidemic, we have war in Europe with the raised possibility of nuclear destruction, a surge in inflation targeting the poor and a coming recession. The climate crisis is now fully upon us. Now with the death of the Queen there is a Royalist hysteria fed by the media and the government which has led to a neo police state, the closure of foodbanks and football, political opposition and strikes, but not horse racing and other pastimes of the rich.

As the government moves further to the nationalist right, kleptocracy reigns, while corruption and incompetence rages, the obscenely rich become richer while ordinary tax payers face energy, food and petrol inflation.

For baby boomers brought up with full employment, a health service that worked and a Keynesian boom based on public service delivery and trade union based wage rises this seems a nightmare combining neo liberal trickle down bull, the triumph of billionaire driven environmental and economic destruction, veritably the victory of brutalism over socialism.

What to do? Certainly as resistance rises we elders need to support the young, the idealists and the climate ,social and economic realists who know we either change or we all slowly die. More thoughts later, I am just glad that after the heatwave and the gloom hopefully I have regained some power to my elbow( or at my typing least fingers)

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