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Better news before the storm

Just as we are waiting with trepidation for the new round of cuts and a return to the austerity which blighted people's lives and the economy there have been some light at the end of some tunnels.

First on a business note Wise Age has managed to gain a new contract with the DWP to help over 50s find employment and self employment.

On a climate note Autumn has at last arrived after silly temperatures for the end of October, early November leaving the surrounding wooded hills ablaze with colour

Politically it is great that the ultra right have been stopped from further depredations on our lives with defeats for Trumps MAGA Republicans, defeat for Bolsonaro which may just save the Amazon. The Ukrainians have retaken Kherson. Nurses and the public sector have voted to strike for proper wages to match inflation.

We must celebrate our victories when we can

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